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Wang Xiaodong, Member of Standing Committee and Executive Vice Governor of Hubei Inspects CHIC


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In the morning of June 8, the sun shines brightly and the sky is bright and clear. Accompanied by main leaders of Xianning City and Chibi City, Wang Xiaodong, member of Standing Committee and Executive Vice Governor of Hubei Province comes to CHIC for Investigation.

Accompanied by Yu Hao, Chairman and General Manager of our company, Wang Xiaodong watches erection test of the third generation heavy pontoon bridge ferrying raft and waterproof test of power pontoon, and visits the workshop. Yu Hao introduces the '12th Five-Year' plan, development status of emergency industry and construction status of Chibi industrial park of our company in detail. Wang Xiaodong has given a high appraisal of our products and places high expectations for industry development prospect of our company.

He pointes out that with the support of national industry and concern of governments at all levels, CHIC is bound to become the pioneer in emergency industry and provide newer and better products and services for society and customers.

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