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Company Made Efforts to Enhance Brand Awareness of All Employees


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Everything is Brand, Everybody is Image

In order to strengthen brand building of the Company, enhance the brand awareness of all employees and improve visibility and reputation of the Company, the Company carried out brand knowledge learning and training in the fifth floor conference room of sales department building in the morning of April 11. Middle and senior management, assistants and sales staff participated in the training and learning.

Marketing professor of Wuhan University was invited to give lectures on brand building. Through lectures and training with typical and rich cases, the trainees had a systematic understanding of theories and measures of brand positioning, brand image and brand communication. All employees realized that brand strategy is necessary for the company to enhance competitiveness and develop continuously and rapidly, good brand should be built, quality is the basis, shaking consumers’ emotion is the foundation, brand should not only be build well, but also be expressed well, large sales volume is not equal to large brand equity, and large brand equity certainly leads to big sales volume. Everyone also deeply understood that building brand image is a systematic project, and every action and every word of every employee concern the brand image.

This learning and training was a prelude to enhancing brand awareness of all employees and implementing brand strategy of the Company. All employees expressed that they would further learn knowledge in Brand Management, promote production and operation with brand building, and embody the concept of “everything is brand, everybody is image” in production and operation. We believe that all staff can continuously inject positive energy and add luster for building Harzone brand image.

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