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Company Holds Groundbreaking Ceremony of Sudan Dapasen Steel Bridge


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In the afternoon of April 1, in the Blanking Branch Special Bridge Division, the first piece of steel plate used for first parts of 60m segment wing plate was sent to the cutting platform, and cutting and blanking of Sudan Dapasen steel bridge formally began, which marked official start of steel bridge.

Pm 3:00, logistical personnel and cutting workers of the branch and responsible person of functional offices, with a total of 32 employees, lined up in neat rows, and 4 people, from the owner, including Sudanese supervisor Nasser formally met cutting process operating personnel. Main content of the ceremony was to make definite the responsible personnel, operating personnel and workflow of each process of cutting operating section. During actual production in the future, the supervisor will check actual operating personnel in accordance with proposed list of operating personnel. CNC plasma operating personnel may not engage in semi-automatic cutting, and red furnace correction personnel may not engage in profiling oxygen cutting and blanking. Personnel not in the list may not directly engage in production, otherwise the product will be scrapped. The parts cut by operating personnel, figure number, machine number, people applying for inspection and other information will be recorded, which will be served as a precondition for a work piece passing into the next process, as well as original file of product delivery. The said information will be applicable during the service life of the bridge.

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