Rapid Trial-Manufacture of 80-Meter-Span Fast Bridge


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80-meter-span fast bridge is a key project of our Company. With high technical content, complex technical skill, strict requirement on precision of matching of spare parts and big difficulty in manufacturing, the quality of this product has got great attention from management personnel and production team.

Business Division has decided to let all assembly and welding teams of second structure shop participate in manufacture of 80-meter bridge. After working on several consecutive Sundays, assembly task of 4 sets of mechanical modular bridge has been completed nicely, and the said assembly and welding teams become the models of all teams. During manufacture of middle section of the bridge, two team leaders worked energetically and only spent three days and three nights moving the first middle section of the bridge under the jig. They completed the task 2 days in advance and all critical dimensions met the design requirements.

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