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CHIC Incorporated Into Hubei Emergency Rescue System


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On November 4, Hubei provincial government's emergency response office formally replied our letter and agreed to incorporate our emergency rescue team and equipment into Hubei emergency rescue system. Hubei provincial government's emergency response office agreed to incorporate our emergency rescue team and equipment into Hubei emergency rescue system, and take our drill base as Hubei emergency drill base.

As Hubei emergency rescue system, Company has following responsibilities: firstly, Company shall be responsible for daily training of emergency rescue team, equipment manufacturing, configuration and maintenance, and be responsible to ensure staff are skilled in business and equipment are superior; secondly, in case of emergency, government's emergency response office can directly invoke team and equipment of our Company; thirdly, Company shall promptly submit Company's team and equipment situation to provincial emergency response office for filing; fourthly, Company shall actively participate in other activities organized by provincial government's emergency response office. Provincial government's emergency response office said it would strengthen cooperation with our Company, be concerned about and support research & development, production and promotion of Company's relevant emergency products, and jointly promote the rapid development of our Company.

It is reported that our Company will sign innovation and disaster mitigation agreement with Hubei Provincial Government, so as to further improve emergency response and disaster mitigation system.

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