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Hubei Harzone Industry Corp., Ltd. Will Conclude an Emergency Rescue Pre-disaster Agreement with Guangdong Province


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On July 12, 2012, 2010 Emergency Management (Guangdong) High-level Forum & the 3rd Annual Meeting of TIEMS China Committee was held in Guangzhou. Nearly 200 emergency management experts and scholars attended the meeting, including the deputy secretary general of the People's Government of Guangdong Province Luo Ou, the counselor of the State Council, the vice chairman of the expert committee of China National Committee for Disaster Reduction and the chairman of TIEMS China Committee Shan Chunchang, as well as directors of provincial and municipal emergency offices. The chairman & general manager of our Company Yu Hao participated in the meeting on invitation and made a speech titled Position and Role of Emergency Traffic Guarantee in Disaster Rescue. 

The meeting was chaired by the vice chairman of TIEMS Qu Guosheng. The attendants mainly discussed the new requirements and new challenges faced by the emergency management as well as the major measures that should be adopted by each province and city under the new situation in which natural disasters occur frequently, economic and social development is leaping forward, and rescue modes have been transformed. As the person in charge of the only emergency traffic equipment enterprise in China, Chairman Yu gave the rational, pertinent speech, elaborated the advanced emergency rescue equipment of our Company, and, based on the status quo of the emergency traffic engineering guarantee capability, set forth five suggestions, i.e. 'establish emergency traffic engineering equipment guarantee system with Chinese characteristics to catch up with and surpass international advanced level, continuously improve the technology level of emergency traffic equipment with the core of self-innovation, lay out legal fecundation for promoting the development of emergency traffic equipment industry, quicken the construction of emergency traffic equipment industry base, quicken the building of the emergency traffic guarantee equipment reserve system'. The speech of Chairman Yu was applauded by the experts present

The Emergency Management Office, the People's Government of Guangdong Province will conclude an emergency rescue pre-disaster agreement with our Company. According to the Agreement, in case of any sudden disaster in Guangdong Province, the emergency rescue squad of our Company shall rush to the disaster area as soon as possible for rescue. 

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