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Successive Delivery of Emergency Mechanized Bridges to Tanzania


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As from August 10, the emergency mechanized bridges exported to Tanzania as executed by the company have been delivered successively. The first batch of 21 vehicles have arrived at the port on August 12.

From August 1 to August 4, the employees dispatched by the customer to our company conducted a pre-shipping acceptance inspection of this batch of products, and product appearance, quality and documents have been inspected. Special Bridge Division has completed the first batch of products with good quality and sufficient quantity.

The second batch of products are ready to be shipped, and has arrived at Qingdao Port on August 15. Delivery of this batch of products has an epoch-making significance for our company to open the African market.

Completion and Delivery of Emergency Maneuvering Railroad Platform

In the night of August 7, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps ordered an emergency heavy-duty maneuvering railroad platform, which has been loaded and delivered in Wuhan headquarters successfully. This product is the first similar equipment sold to Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps by our company. The time from signing of contract to delivering of goods is less than half a month.

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