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Guobo Landscape Bridge Delivered on Schedule


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Uobo Landscape Rainbow Bridge, a three-span continuous steel truss bridge, is the landscape pedestrian overcrossing of the central water system landscape project of Wuhan International Expo Center. It is constructed by a specially established department of our Company.

During the first ten-day period of July, the landscape bridge started to be built in an all-round way. According to the technical plan, it was first “assembled piece by piece” and then “generally assembled”. Although the structure of the landscape is seemingly simple, the welding is more than 2000m long and requires full penetration and 100% flaw detection. The difficulties in assembling, quantity of welding points, workload of welding and quality requirements are much more than expected. 

Through thorough deployment and rational arrangement, the splendid “Guobo Landscape Bridge” has been delivered on schedule. The rivetweld team of Mechanical Processing Branch is bustling with activity on site.     

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