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CSIC Leader Inspected and Guided Work at CHIC


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On August 22, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) leader Dong Qiang inspected and guided work at CHIC.

Dong Qiang points out: “In recent years, CHIC has developed rapidly and formed its own characteristics. This year, it shall firmly achieve the whole-year target and implement the spirit of the semiannual working conference of CSIC to make innovations, adjust structure and quicken development.”

As Dong Qiang emphasizes, CSIC shall make innovations from the following aspects: Firstly, way of thinking about development.In addition to highway, railway, waterway and aviation, the application of emergency transportation equipment in telecommunication, electricity, oil and gas pipeline rush repair, etc shall be also developed. Secondly, mode of development.CHIC shall explore new means of emergency rescue pre-disaster cooperation and extend the industry chain; Thirdly, product technology. CHIC shall make technological breakthrough in the application of emergency transportation equipment in railway and air transport. Fourthly, market development. CHIC shall grasp the situations of international market and seek opportunities in East Asia, South America and Africa.

Dong Qiang pays much attention to the application of emergency transportation equipment of CHIC in the emergency rescue by the government and brings forward specific requirements towards the following work. 

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