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War, Emergency Treatment and Emergency Management


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How to define 'war'? Many people think that the war, in a sense, is the ultimate form of emergency management, and therefore, the war has an intrinsic relation with emergency management. Is the peacetime included in the war? According to the definition in Baidu Encyclopedia, prevention and preparation are also the war, so peacetime necessarily belongs to war time, which is contrary to our usual cognitive. In general, the army tends to think that there is only war time and war preparation period, but no 'peacetime' for itself. This periodization mode is actually more of a kind of defense and maintenance for the value of the presence of the army itself and necessity for the presence of peacetime. We can understand this partition logic easily, but do not necessarily accept it.

Another example is 'emergency treatment ' in the hospital. For the emergency room doctor, he is either in the state of emergency treatment or the state of preparation for next emergency treatment. However, from the non- emergency room doctor's view, it will difficult for us to deem the whole process as the scope of the emergency treatment. We are likely to think that the emergency treatment time begins with the moment when the patient is wheeled into the emergency room.

Similarly, for the professional full-time people engaged in emergency management, as he deals only with emergency management, he is more willing to tendentiously think that all the time should belong to emergency management process; this is because in addition to specific response, he deals with prevention and emergency preparedness, which are all related to emergency management.

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