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Company Participated in 2012 Beijing International Emergency Rescue Expo


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On Aug. 29-31, “2012 Beijing International Emergency Rescue Expo” was held in National Agriculture Exhibition Center. The event was co-sponsored by China North Industries Corp. and North International Exhibition Co., Ltd. It aims to exhibiting domestic and foreign technology and equipment for prevention and emergency rescue of disasters and emergencies, providing a platform through which the government, relevant units and the society could get to know rescue equipment and carry out technological communication, promoting the exchange in treatment of disasters and emergencies around the world, and boosting the development of Chinese emergency rescue industry. 

As an invitee and a leading enterprise in research and manufacturing of emergency rescue equipment, the Company participated in the Expo, displaying the models of 51-m large span heavy support bridge and broadcasting the video about introduction to the company and products and the presentation board of pictures. At the beginning of the opening ceremony, dozens of military officers in China and a number of insiders were attracted to inquire about the information about our Company and products and ask for relevant data. Only in the first day, a whole box of brochures were completely issued. The highlights of the Expo are the application of special vehicles and equipment in emergency rescue, natural disasters and emergencies as well as the application of the military technology and relevant products in emergency rescue. 

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