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Seminar on Emergency Transportation Equipment Was Held


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In the morning of Sept. 7, the Company held a seminar on emergency transportation equipment.

In the seminar, the Design & Research Institute reported the situations on the research and development of emergency transportation equipment. The Sales Company reported the current status and existing problems in the emergency transportation equipment market in recent years with informative data and first-hand information and brought forward the development goal and specific measures during the twelfth five-year plan. The Sales Company also reported the market development plan and specific measures so as to sell emergency transportation equipment to large engineering companies. 

Secretary of the party committee of the Company Cai Xinxiang emphasized: “We should further enhance top-down design, accelerate the construction of industrial association and strive for the right to speak. We should accelerate the establishment of industrial standards, occupy advantageous position in technical barrier, and highlight strategetic measures of the Company. On the basis of systematic analysis, we should allocate our internal resources well and formulate a timetable to develop customers among army, government and engineering companies. All in all, we should increase the crisis awareness and enhance innovation to maintain or improve the leading position of our Company in the industry.” 

General manager Yu made an important speech in the seminar. He pointed out: We should deepen our understanding of the twelfth five-year plan and “New Three Steps” strategy of the Company. Strategic positioning determines the growth room of an enterprise. From emergency transportation equipment to emergency equipment and then to emergency industry, the market size is becoming larger and larger. We should attach great importance to sales and technological management so as to further specialization and standardization. Finally, we should also attach importance to innovation, especially the innovation of our ideas. We should promote both products and ideas, sell both products and solutions. In addition, we should sell technology, generate users and lead demand.

Emergency transportation equipment is the largest of the four major business sectors of our Company. Especially, since the construction of infrastructures slowed down in 2011, the sales volume of emergency transportation equipment is in the leading position.

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