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Our Scientific and Technological Innovation Ranked Sixth in the Group Company


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Our Scientific and Technological Innovation Ranked Sixth in the Group Company

In the annual evaluation of scientific and technological innovation of CSIC, our company ranked sixth and won the title of advanced unit of technological innovation of the Group Company again.


Special Equipment Division Carried out Turner Skills Contest

In order to further improve the technology business qualities of the personnel in the various types of skilled jobs of the company, and to inspire staff''s post talent and post dedication enthusiasm of 'achieve advanced technology and competitive advantage, and go beyond oneself '. Recently, special equipment division carried out turner skills contest activity. Staff in various positions positively responded to and enthusiastically participated in it. The employees have fully demonstrated their skills, which reflected steadfast mental outlook of the front-line workers.

Through this contest and exchange, the company has a better understanding of the overall technical quality of the workers, which will promote further mutual exchanges between different positions and achieve a good win-win situation for enterprise development.

CHIC Was Awarded the Honorary Title of 'Advanced Unit'

Recently, the General Armament Department and the Ministry of Information Industry convened a commendatory meeting in Beijing, which commended the units and individuals that have made outstanding contributions in a project. Our company was awarded the title of 'advanced unit in a project'. Yu Hao, chairman and general manager of the company, was awarded the honorary title of 'advanced individual'. CSIC is the only unit and individual that wins this title in this project.

Long-Span Bridge Is Being Manufactured Smoothly

HZ emergency large-span rapid bridge developed by the company itself was started to be manufactured in August by the dedicated division. In order to complete this batch of production task with high quality, the dedicated division has upgraded the product quality control to a new height.

In order to create high-quality products, the strict 'three checks' system shall be the basic criterion throughout the entire production process. Currently, the medium section of this bridge has successfully entered the stage of final assembly, edge bridge section and other sections have been under construction according to joint requirements. With the strict control of product quality from beginning to the end, the production tasks have entered the fast production channel, and employees are confident in the successful completion of production tasks of this bridge.

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