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Chinese Government Stresses Construction of Disaster Prevention and Reduction and Emergency Response Capabilities


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China is one of the countries that are most vulnerable to the natural disasters. Especially in recent years, frequent natural disasters have caused more serious personnel and property losses. In 2009, a total of 480 million people were affected by natural disasters. In the first half of 2010, natural disasters in China, mainly floods, droughts, cryogenic freezing and snow damage, earthquakes, hails, landslides and mudslides, caused direct economic losses of 211.39 billion yuan. It's imminent for us to further enhance China's disaster reduction and emergency response technology and equipment levels, and to establish a scientific and perfect disaster reduction and emergency management mechanism.

The Chinese government attaches great importance to the construction of disaster prevention and reduction and emergency response capabilities. The 3rd China International Disaster Emergency Technology and Equipment Expo will continue to be held in China World Trade Center on 7-9 May 2012. On the basis of successful hosting of the 2nd Expo, the 3rd Expo will be listed as one of the National Disaster Reduction Day activities, which will not only enhance the importance impact of this Expo in disaster reduction industry, but also reflect the special attention of the country in the field of disaster reduction. While exhibiting high-tech emergency technologies and products, the Organizing Committee will also hold propaganda and education activities in various forms. This exhibition will continue to highlight the high-tech features, take promoting disaster reduction and emergency industrial development as the theme, aim to provide an exchange and cooperation platform for disaster reduction and emergency industry, introduce international advanced disaster reduction and emergency management system, equipment, technology, supplies, etc., so as to enhance China's disaster reduction and emergency management level, technical equipment level and technical development capabilities, as well as to reduce various casualties and losses caused by nature.

In the companies which registered for the 2nd Expo, there are many well-known companies that have already registered for continuous exhibitions, such as Shanghai VSAT, Shenzhen Jinfeng Medical Devices Co., Ltd, Jiangnan Space Industry, Hitachi, Fushun Huateng, Xiamen Jimei, Henan Weida, Hainan Litree, Miclean, Aerospace Zhongxing, Huimingjie, Kirisun, Shengli Oil Field, CHIC, Shanghai Zongbei, Beiao, University of Mining and Technology, Shenzhen Ocean's King, etc. Products of exhibitors ranges from relief and rescue equipment to special vehicles, from disaster pre-warning and monitoring equipment to emergency communication command system, from disaster relief reserve materials to pre-fabricated house and other post-disaster reconstruction products, from disaster reduction communications satellite and unmanned plane to ground disaster reduction equipment, from large-scale disaster relief equipment to personal home emergency products and various fields.

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