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The Company Held the Eighth Strategy Seminar


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The company held the eighth strategy seminar in Jiangxi from October 4 to October 6.  The main task of the meeting is: implementing international operation, enhancing international competitiveness, realizing transformation from local business to multinational operation, and growing into international Harzone Industry.

Yu Hao, General Manager of the company, made the theme report Implement International Operation and Build International Harzone at the meeting. The report discussed in depth from five aspects, including an accurate understanding of international operation, the path of the international operation is the inevitable choice for Harzone Industry, goals and steps for the implementation of international operation, principles to be followed in international operation.

It is pointed out at the meeting that as the second largest economy in the world, China is not only a part of the world but also a part of the global market. China shall inevitably integrate into global market and it is impossible for China to manage alone and avoid participating in international competition. Therefore, in the case of the facts that 'the international competition turns the domestic, and domestic competition turns internationalization', we shall no longer stick to the domestic market and avoid globalized competition and challenge, and we must “go out' actively.

It is stressed at the meeting that the realization of international operation should be fully fledged, all-round and system- wide internationalization. International operation is not only the matter of a person or a department, but also the matter of all persons, international operation is closely related to every employee, every position and every operation and management aspect. All the production and management activities of an enterprise should be targeted at the international market and act according to international rules.

It is required at the meeting that we must firmly grasp and make good use of the rare development opportunity in the next decade, unswervingly implement the international business strategy, spare no efforts to build international Harzone Industry, go abroad, go towards Asia, go towards the world, and become a transnational company and world-renowned enterprise.

After listening to the report of General Manager Yu, the representatives present at the meeting, combining with the actual situations of the company, had an in-depth discussion from multiple levels and multiple angles. With regard to how to grasp development opportunities, implement international operation, achieve reserve of talents and basic management, further enhance the company's core competitiveness and overall management level, the representatives spoke out freely, expressed their views, unified the thoughts and formed a consensus.

Cai Xinxiang, Party Secretary of the company, pointed out in the concluding speech: this meeting is an important meeting held in the critical period of development for Harzone Industry, and it has an extraordinary significance. Combined with the report of General Manager Yu, Secretary Cai made an important speech at the meeting. He said: all staff shall strengthen the study, have an accurate understanding of the essence of international operation, scientifically grasp the substantive characteristics of the international operation; do well the learning and conveying of this strategy seminar.

Carry resplendence of a decade and open the future of a decade. Harzone Industry has experienced a brilliant course of struggle for a decade, has gone out from Red Cliffs, gone into Wuhan and gone towards Beijing. The whole company should take this meeting as an opportunity to strengthen study, expand horizons constantly and adapt to the rapid development requirements of the company.

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