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Launching of Heping Gorge Cableway Bridge in Xingtai Manufactured by Our Company was Completed


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The first cableway bridge designed, manufactured and launched by our company was completed at the end of March.

This cableway bridge, jointly developed and designed by CCCC Second Highway Engineering Co., Ltd. and our company, is a temporary bridge for construction of the Heping Gorge Steel Bridge, which is the 14th section of the Xingtai-Fenyang Expressway. Crossing the Heping Gorge, a grand valley in Xingtai City, Hebei Province, it is about 120m above the valley bottom. As a famous scenic spot in Xingtai, this cableway bridge will be open to the tourists after the completion of the fixed bridge construction.

The bridge span is 103 meters long, with a clear deck width of 3.72m and designed load of 40t. The deck is totally designed and manufactured by our company. The erection of the Heping Gorge Cableway Bridge means a further significant step of our company in the field of extra-heavy cableway bridge.

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