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Heavy Support Bridge Passed the Design Finalization Examination


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From 22 to 23, March, a meeting for the design finalization examination of heavy support bridge was held at our company. The representatives watched the video about product research and manufacturing.

Also, experts watched the prototype erection demonstration on site.

The experts carried out examination in terms of product performance and technical data (software). After an overall system design review, the review committee agreed that the prototype could meet the tactical and technical targets determined in the Research and Development Specifications, and that the heavy support bridge passed the design finalization examination.

Some deputy directors of the army give highly estimation of the research and development of heavy support bridge. He said that the research and development of heavy support bridge was characterized by four outstanding features. First, active and advance development, i.e., enterprises and institutes took the initiative to complete the advanced development of prototype where it had not been included into the research task of the army yet. Secondly, the leaders paid much attention to it and carried out a good organization. Thirdly, key problems were tackled in a timely manner and sufficient tests were made. Fourthly, cooperation and sharing were exercised during the whole process.

As for the development of pontoon bridge equipment, he pointed out that the informatization construction of pontoon bridge shall be accelerated. As the informatization construction of pontoon bridge started late, the digitalization construction shall be carried out on the basis of informatization and integration construction of the army to improve the work safety. In order to promote innovation, ideological innovation shall be initiated to inherent rules and regulations. Also, the technological innovation shall advance with the times in terms of improving product performance, convenience of use as well as new materials and technologies. Furthermore, the equipment performance and shall be improved and non-war military operation equipment construction shall be well arranged to provide more and better emergency equipment for the army.

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