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New development in the market of special purpose vehicle


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So far this year, Hubei Harzone Industry Corp., Ltd. has been focusing on the marketing target of expanding transportation equipment, special equipment, special purpose vehicles and project contracting. It responds to the depressed market actively, spares no efforts to seek orders, improves its main business on a stable basis and gives great impetus to development of new products. Therefore, our company has achieved a good development tendency, in particular the development of special vehicle market. Recently, it has been always making satisfactory achievements. The accumulative contract amount in January alone is about 36 million yuan, which has made a good start in the special vehicle market in the first quarter and created new sources of economic growth.

Combine Technology with Market and development New Market and New Products

Our company not only increases technological input year by year to strengthen the application for construction of national enterprise technology center, but also actively leads scientific and technical staff to the market, establishes new mechanism for this process and sets up new organizations for technology market development, in order to make the scientific and technical staff market-orientated, and interact with the marketing staff. From the initial design, the market survey shall be enhanced to further improve the pertinence and rationality of scientific research as well as increase the technical content and value added. Due to the previous efforts, the institute of our company operated directly with some manufacturer and signed a contract for special vehicle designing and manufacturing worth more than 100 million yuan, including 9 lift trucks and 13 hose wagons for emergency purposes. It has not only made a good start in the special vehicle market, but also helped the emergency traffic equipment step into the field of emergency transportation equipment.

At present, scientific and technical staffs of our company have provided many choices to customers concerning how to realize product seriation and studied seriously as how to provide them with humanized design and personalized services, so as to provide them with better products and service.

Step out of Depressed Market to Develop Potential Customer Demands

As both ready-made vehicles and marketing channels are not available, marketing staff of our company takes the initiative to innovate marketing ideas and methods, as they believe that the access to something impossible has yet to be found. They visited direct users of special vehicles to feed back their demands to the institute in a timely manner for the purpose of vehicle design. Also, they visited motor vehicle-related colleges, institutes as well as special vehicle manufacturers to seek for technical support and cooperation, as a result of which, they found the causes for fallback and depression of the market. In addition, they established cooperation relationship with some mining dump truck manufacturer and signed several contracts of more than 250 million yuan for manufacturing off-road mining dump trucks. The cooperation is expected to have a good prospect.

Participate in International Market Competition to Develop New Overseas Market

In the face of depressed market, our company spared no efforts to strengthen its market competiveness and develop new markets to provide powerful support for the listing and international operation of the company. Based on the principle of going abroad, our company established agencies with competent staff in qualified countries and regions to deeply develop overseas project contracting. Furthermore, the company takes advantage of assistance projects to vigorously seek for new customers and develop overseas market, which has brought remarkable progress. Each business unit of the company also takes the initiative to accept orders and develop new market for products to build a broad prospect for the company.

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