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Company Carried out Standardization Training


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In order to publicize and implement management over safety production standardization, the experts from the standardization evaluation center of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation trained the management of our Company in connection with safety production standardization from June 21 to 23. The medium an higher managers, special safety personnel and equipment personnel, totaling 64, attended the training. The training contents cover propaganda and implementation by the management, foundation management, machinery, burning and explosion during hot working, electric, working environment and occupational health. The experts guided the trainees in light of the actual situations of our Company. 

After three-day training, the management at various levels improves their safety management awareness, recognizes the significance of safety production standardization, realizes the basic specifications concerning safety production standardization, and is aware of the difficulty in coming up to the standards.

General Manager Yu Hao stressed: firstly, the management at all levels shall improve safety awareness and set themselves examples to others; secondly, all managers shall seize the opportunity to enhance their management abilities, turn management based on experiences into scientific management, and replace result check with process check in the safety check in the future; thirdly, all managers shall publicize the training contents by various means so that all employees would implement the standardization requirements of the Group Company and abide by relevant laws and regulations of the state in connection with safety production. 

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