Anti-Spill Floating Bridge System Developed Successfully


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Riverway Oil Spill Prevention and Control Floating Bridge System is jointly development by CHIC and an engineering company in Liaohe to prevent and control oil spill. When an oil spill accident occurs in a riverway, this system can be used to control the spilled oil within the riverway; meanwhile, special equipment and facilities are used to clear away the spilled oil so as to reduce and even avoid pollution. 

The system consists of folding-type pontoon system, erection-disassembly system, anti-leaking system and anchoring system. Urgency responders and small equipment lighter than two tons can travel on the deck to clear away spilled oil. When the oil pollution is removed, the erection-disassembly system will disassemble in the reversed direction and the pontoon will be folded and towed into the warehouse. The whole process is automatic.  

Independently researched by CHIC, the system is the first emergency equipment to be used in the oil sector, providing solutions to prevention and control of ocean oil pollution. In the future, CHIC will make more efforts in research and development of emergency products in the oil sector so as to provide customers in the sector with better products and services. 

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