Research and Design Institute Held Q4 Examination Meeting


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On Dec. 18, 2013, the Q4 examination meeting of the Research and Design Institute was held at the meeting room, Floor 2, office building. Leaders of the Institute and relevant experts attended the meeting. The members from different project teams respectively reported their progress and results. The leaders and experts made comment on each member, requiring each project team to do a good time at the final stage and wishing they could obtain excellent results in the yearend appraisal meeting.  

This examination covers emergency traffic equipment in waterway, railway, highway and airline. Starting from technical innovation and fully considering the practical value and market value, all project teams have done much work in market and technological investigation and research as well as tackling technical problems. Some study is related to serialization and standardization, which is helpful in promoting the products of our Company in the market; some specialized study makes technical breakthroughs and lays foundation for market expansion. 

At this meeting, 25 items are reported in total, of which over ten have applied for patent. Judging from the examination results, the project teams have made great achievements and made full preparations for 2014.

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