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    On Jan. 9, cooperation and communication conference on emergency transportation equipment was held in Ministry of Transport of the People’s Republic of China. Deputy general manager of our Company Dong Qiang attended and presided over the conference.

Above all, Mr. Dong introduced the brief information of our Company and watched the special presentation film on the products of our Company. Then, chairman & general manager of our Company Yu Hao reported the situations on research & manufacturing of emergency transportation equipment as well as the lines of thought for development and spoke out the wishes of our Company, that is, with the care and under the guidance of the leaders of Ministry of Transport, our Company could participate in the construction of the national emergency transportation equipment guarantee system so that the products of our Company could serve the national emergency traffic industry better and our Company could provide more pertinent emergency traffic equipment solutions.

Vice minister of Ministry of Transport made a keynote speech, pointing out “Once a disastrous accident occurs, the government should be able to respond quickly. As far as life saving is concerned, emergency equipment is important infrastructure. In this sense, CHIC can provide what the state urgently needs. Its business idea, products, development trend and service modes conform to the requirements of integration of military and civil products. To certain degree, CHIC, as a state-owned key enterprise, pays much attention to the emergency traffic capacities of the state, is responsible for and makes contributions to social safety, and has boosted the capacity building of emergency traffic equipment for a long time ”.

CHIC is a national key war industry enterprise, owning national-level technology center. For many years, CHIC has concentrated on emergency traffic equipment and researched and developed over 40 kinds of emergency traffic equipment in railway, highway, waterway and airline. The serialization, popularization, modularization and digitalization level of our products are in a leading role in the same industry nationwide. Our products have ever played important role in Wenchuan Earthquake, Zhouqu Debris Flow and Yushu Earthquake and established wide cooperation with Emergency Office and Military Preparation Office under the State Council. Through this conference, the Ministry of Traffic and relevant departments and bureaus under it have further understood our Company, which lays good foundation for further cooperation. 

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