Emergency Modularized Mechanical Bridge in Guangdong Passed Acceptance


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    Recently, the emergency modularized mechanical bridge manufactured by our Company for Guangdong Highway Administration has passed acceptance smoothly. This is the first time that such product with mature military technology is applied in the government emergency field, marking the formal opening of the government emergency market to HZ emergency modularized mechanical bridges.

On Jan. 14, 2013, HZ Emergency Modularized Mechanical Bridge Acceptance Meeting & Training Class Opening Ceremony was held in the Peculiar Bridge Division. Fifteen experts, including Director Zhu Fuliang from Guangdong Highway Administration, as well as deputy general manager of our Company Ge Jian and representatives from relevant departments, took part in the meeting. At the meeting, the Peculiar Bridge Division reported the manufacturing situation concerning the emergency modularized mechanical bridge and the expert panel carried out on-site acceptance. Profiting from full preparations, such bridge passed acceptance at a time and was highly appraised by the expert panel.

To grasp the skills of using the bridge, Guangdong Highway Administration established a special team and selected the members carefully. After a week of training, these members grasped the skills of using the bridge in an all-round way. 

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