Maiden Voyage of Assault Boat Manufactured by CHIC in Mekong River


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In the picture, the representatives from China, Laos, Burma and Thailand present at Mekong River Joint Patrol & Enforcement Summarization Meeting are watching the presentation of new assault boat which China especially manufactured for Mekong River enforcement. 

On Jan. 25, China, Laos, Burma & Thailand Joint Patrol & Enforcement Team departed from Guanlei Port, Yunnan, China by the new assault boat, sailed south along Mekong River till Laos Golden Triangle Special Economic Development Zone, and then returned. The sail lasts 80 hours (four days and three nights) with the voyage of 486km. The new assault boat is researched jointly by CHIC and a research institute, providing guarantee for safety of people and properties in the waters of Mekong River. 

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