After-sales Service Engineers Delivers Training for Installation of Heavy Equipment


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On March 5, 10 employees of our Company went to Yunnan to deliver training for installation of heavy equipment for officers and soldiers of a regiment.

In the morning of March 7, training mobilization meeting was held at army officer training center. Senior officer of the regiment mobilized all officers and soldiers and required them to study hard, drill earnestly and strive to grasp the erection and application technology of the equipment in the shortest time.

As time is tight and task is arduous, in order to coordinate with our Company in the training, leaders of the army have attached great importance to this training, prepared training program for installation, and made definite the organization leadership and division of work. During the training, personnel of our Company taught patiently, officers and soldiers of the army learned modestly. With very strong receptivity and learning ability, officers and soldiers have completed 15 projects within just 10 days of training, such as theoretical study, onshore loading and unloading of carrier loader, onshore loading and unloading of carrier loader on water, combination and disassembling of power boat, and have achieved good results.

On March 20, the Company received a letter of thanks from the army, which expressed affirmation and appreciation for professional standards and professional dedication of after-sales service engineers of our Company.

On March 22, Military Report of CCTV-7 reported this erection exercise of “the old, the middle-aged and the young” pontoon bridge, and fully affirmed technological innovation and performance improvements of the equipment.

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