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9th Strategic Seminar Held


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The 9th strategic seminar of the Company was held in Wuhan on Sept. 29. The seminar was presided over by Secretary of the party committee Cai Xinxiang and deputy chief engineers and above, as well as general managers and secretaries of the party committee of secondary units, totaling 31 people, attended the seminar. At the seminar, chairman & general manger Yu Hao delivered the working report titled Implementing Brand Strategy and Building Harzone Brand. Mr. Yu elaborated CHIC’s brand strategy from the following four aspects: 1. Being fully aware of the significance of brand strategy; 2. Planning brand strategy in a scientific way; 3. Following the philosophy of implementing brand strategy; and 4. Promoting brand strategy actively. Then, centering on the report of Mr. Yu, the attendees made discussions in light of the actual conditions. 

Secretary of the party committee Cai Xinxiang made a concluding speech and set forth the following requirements to publicize and implement the tenets of the seminar: 1. Further understanding the significance of brand strategy; 2. Producing “positive energy” in everyone’s own duties; 3. Making innovations in work method based on the requirements of brand strategy; and 4. Further clarifying duties to push forward the following work. 

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