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CHIC Joined in “HSIC”


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At the end of October, CHIC concluded a formal agreement with the Emergency Office under Hubei Provincial People’s Government, joining in “Hubei Synergy and Innovation Center for Early-warning and Emergency Linkage Technology (HSIC)”.

Organized by the Emergency Office under Hubei Provincial People’s Government and led by Wuhan University of Technology, HSIC aims to synergize and innovate the early-warning and emergency linkage technology in Hubei, integrate the existing resources, research and develop intelligent software, innovate linkage mode and establish a new mechanism of combining “government, enterprise, university and research institute” so as to lift the technological level in early-warning and emergency linkage in Hubei. The participates of HSIC include Wuhan Municipal People’s Government, Xiangyang Municipal People’s Government, Yichang Municipal People’s Government, relevant departments directly under Hubei Provincial People’s Government and relevant units.

CHIC will be responsible to set up the “Technological Innovation Team for Major Rescue Equipment”. The team will engage in serialized, generalized, modularized and digitized design of emergency rescue equipment and engineering facilities as well as research and development of manufacturing technology, covering emergency floating bridge, emergency trestle bridge, emergency rapid pavement, assembled highway steel bridge, emergency mobile railway platform, emergency railway steel beams for rush repairs, emergency apron, emergency elevator, various kinds of bridges, special equipment for shipbuilding and metallurgy and special vehicles. 

Joining of the Center will promote the generalization of the research results of CHIC. Through cooperation and synergy of different units and departments of the Center, CHIC is able to bring into play its advantages, improve its fame and goodwill in emergency industry, and make contribution to the national emergency industry. 

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