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Company Participated in Dominica Exhibition


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In order to implement the international operation strategy of CHIC and fulfill the objective of “Going Out and Accessing into International Market”, the Overseas Engineering Department of CHIC dispatched relevant personnel to participate in Dominica-China Trade Exhibition from Sept. 23, 2013 to Oct. 3, 2013, which was organized by China Council For The Promotion of International Trade. 

The following picture is the group photo of employee of the Overseas Engineering Department Ye Cuimei (the third on the left), representative of office of China in Dominica Gao Shoujian (the third on the right), vice chairman of China Council For The Promotion of International Trade Yu Ping (the second on the right), minister of economy of Dominica Temistocles montas (the second on the left), minister of foreign affairs and liaison of Dominica Miguel mejia (the first on the left) and minister of export and investment of Dominica (the first on the right) on the booth of our Company. 

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