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CHIC Awarded Contract on Steel Trestle of 2nd Lushui Bridge


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On August 23, the bid for temporary cross-river passage of Chibi 2nd Lushui Bridge Segment 1--Steel Trestle Project was opened in Chibi Public Bidding Administration. Emergency Bridge Division of CHIC won the bid. The time limit of the project is about sixty days. 

Chibi 2nd Lushui Bridge was built and open to traffic in 1989. Due to crack, exposed reinforcing steel bar and spallation of concrete, this bridge is classified as Kind 4, therefore, Chibi Highway Administration proposed to demolish and rebuild the bridge. However, prior to demolishment, a temporary steel trestle needs to be built to ensure normal traveling of vehicle. The proposed steel trestle is 180m long and 11m wide. The speed limit is 20km/h. The useful life of the trestle is three years. After that, CHIC will reclaim the bridge. 

Up until now, the project is under construction and will be completed prior to Oct. 1. 

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