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RDI Made New Achievements in Patent Licensing in the First Half


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As of the end of June, Research and Design Institute (RDI) has obtained licensing of three invention patents and eight utility model patents. The three invention patents are: “a method for rapid positioning and connection of mobile modular bridge joints”, “a vehicle-mounted mechanized bridge and method for erection/dismantling, and “an aircraft hangar subject to motorized assembly”; the eight utility model patents are: “an assembled gabion gravity anchor cast anchor device”, “an arched steel truss bridge with slipway”, “a super high pressure end face static sealing device”, “a modular highway steel truss bridge”, “a marine overturning anchor-withdrawing device”, “a pontoon with standard interface”, “a swing arm side opening dump device for garbage cleaning machine”, and “a wheeled load vehicle with load adjustable”.

In recent years, the Company has attached great importance to intellectual property rights, vigorously promoted the implementation of intellectual property strategy, and strengthened creation of intellectual property. The intellectual property capacities in key technology areas of emergency transportation engineering equipment are lifted significantly and intellectual property has played a key role in leading the development of main industries.

  (Tian Chunming)

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