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Test Section of Tidal Channel Erected Successfully


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Erection of test section of tidal channel produced by our Company for a Construction Group was completed, and was removed and handed over for storage after all the tests.

Our Company was responsible for the production and installation of this tidal channel project, and Haihe University was responsible for third-party testing. This project was mainly for installation and maintenance of equipment of offshore wind farm developed by owners in Rudong County, Jiangsu Province. This wind farm project is not only a wind power demonstration project specially approved by the National Development and Reform Commission, but also an offshore wind power pilot project. Therefore, whether the test section of tidal channel is applicable or not has a great impact on construction of offshore wind farm projects.

Erection, testing and removal of the test section lasted for 10 days, during which temperature in Jiangsu exceeded 40 degrees. Erection personnel battled with the high temperature and intense heat, overcame all difficulties with unique iron will of CHIC, timely completed work with quality and quantity assured, and were unanimously recognized and praised by owners, the first party and the testing party.

Zhang Mingguang

August 2013

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