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A New Product Added to Special Equipment Sector 


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Correspondent Xu Zhihua     Recently, our Company successfully won the bid for a bathing beach cleaning machine project in Zhanjiang.

It is reported that most domestic sandy beaches are cleaned manually, with low efficiency and poor cleaning effect. HZ90-type beach cleaning machine is composed of towing tractor and body of cleaning machine. The tractor provides power to tow and drive body of cleaning machine to work. This equipment can not only quickly separate garbage and sand on surface and inner layer of the beach, clear away the rubbish thoroughly, but also loosen and level the beach. This equipment can help to save a lot of manpower and resources, clean up thirty thousand square meters per hour, improve efficiency significantly, and has broad market prospects in coastal beach, park beach, seaside resort, and seaside golf club.

Beach cleaning machine is a newly developed product by the Company. This kind of new equipment is sold by the Company for the first time in this project, and it will further enrich the special equipment field of the Company. 

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