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Emergency Rescue Special Vehicles Researched and Manufactured Smoothly


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Company formally signed the Sample Vehicle Trial-Manufacture Contract with a company on August 13. The emergency rescue special vehicles, which were jointly developed and manufactured with full-terrain off-road chassis, have full-terrain, full-road and all-weather high mobility off-road performance, equipped with digging, shoveling, lifting, forcible entry, rescue, repair, and other equipment, and have perfect and outstanding overall operating performance.

From signing of Cooperative Development Framework Agreement on July 25 to signing of Sample Vehicle Trial-Manufacture Contract on August 13, just 10 days, design personnel battled with high temperature and intense heat, and worked overtime day and night to extensively collect information concerning relevant products and market conditions at home and abroad. Design scheme review has been passed at the first try, project promotion and business negotiations have been successfully completed and highly praised by customers;

Emergency rescue special vehicles are especially suitable for earthquake relief, barrier clearance and risk removal, evacuation on accident scene, and other public emergencies during which conventional vehicles and construction machinery can not reach or implement emergency rescue operations. Emergency rescue special vehicles can be refitted according to actual needs of users, and can be extended to special construction, geology, petroleum exploration and other fields. It is expected that manufacture of sample vehicle will be completed in September 2013, and emergency rescue special vehicles will be ceremoniously exposed to the media and markets at the Emergency Equipment Exhibition.

Emergency Rescue Special Vehicles Researched and Manufactured Smoothly

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