Seven days seven steel bridges, the first time through the earthquake relief life passageway

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On May 12,2008, an 8.0-magnitude earthquake struck Wenchuan County, Sichuan Province. Roads in the quake-hit area were severely damaged and more than 400,000 people were trapped. The rapid construction of Zhouqiao and highway steel bridges became the first lifeline to the disaster area.

 On May 18, Huazhou received a call from the General Staff and the National Development and Reform Commission to provide eight emergency steel bridges to the disaster area. It's a big responsibility. It's a great mission. Huazhou heavy industry to carry forward the military spirit, do not speak of any conditions, have the courage to assume China's transportation emergency support equipment as the first brand of social responsibility. 

TIME IS LIFE! The company immediately put into intense production, the workers gave up the weekend break, 24 hours three work shifts. At 4:00 am on the 20th, the first steel bridge came off the line, and on the afternoon of the 27th, the last steel bridge was completed. The eight emergency road steel bridges, full of the deep friendship of all the staff of the company, were sent to the disaster area of Wenchuan, Sichuan, as scheduled.

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