The company's emergency products play an emergency role in disaster relief

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The company's emergency transport engineering equipment plays an important role in the disaster relief in Songhua River and Zhouqu, Gansu Province.


At 12:30 noon on August 5,2010, a military engineering regiment of the Shenyang Military Region successfully erected a 183-meter emergency floating bridge made by Huazhou heavy industry in the UND river section of the Songhua River Jilin City River as the last shore boat docked with the river bank, through the flood-interrupted Jilin to Yongji, rock, Huadian Direction of the life of the passage, a large number of relief supplies smoothly through the pontoon, rushed to the disaster area. 

The bridge is Jilin City's only route to the hard-hit cities of Yongji, Iwaki and Huadian. On July 28, the great flood destroyed this life passage, once causing traffic paralysis in Guillon, causing great difficulties for rescue and relief work as well as the travel of citizens. On the morning of August 4, when Premier Wen Jiabao was inspecting flood control and flood control work in Jilin City, he made a special trip to Wende Bridge to check on the disaster situation and ordered that this major artery of traffic should be blocked as soon as possible to restore normal traffic order. After more than 3 hours of tenacious struggle, 183 meters pontoon successfully completed. The Pontoon is a two-way two-lane bridge with a maximum carrying capacity of 50 tons of vehicles, which can reach the road transport capacity of the windward bridge before it crashes.

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