Company Emergency Bridge in Ludian County earthquake timely delivery of excavators

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On August 3,2014, an earthquake of magnitude 6.5 occurred in Ludian County, Yunnan Province, with a focal depth of 12 km. The quake triggered a landslide upstream of the Hongshiyan Hydropower Station, which is under construction. It blocked the Niulan river and caused the Landslide dam river to rise, threatening the lives and property of thousands of people upstream. 

Rescue headquarters decided to dig the chute, but after the blasting required large excavation machinery to clean up. In that environment, the traffic paralysis, helicopters, charge boat can not transport excavators to the scene. At the critical moment, the company's Emergency Belt Pontoon Bridge has played an important role. The rescue officers and soldiers used a aqueduct bridge made up of a Ribbon Pontoon Bridge to transport the excavator to the site. On August 12, the chute was dug through and the danger was completely eliminated.


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