Company Pontoon Bridge Rescues Yangtze River Wreck passenger ship "Oriental Star"

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On the night of June 1,2015, a passenger ship, 'Oriental Star' , which was sailing from Nanjing to Chongqing, capsized in a sudden tornado in Jianli waters of Hubei Province in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River. There were 458 passengers on board, including 406 passengers. For a time, the 'oriental star' event affecting the hearts of the people across the country, the Party Central Committee and people of all sessions of the high degree of concern. In addition to transportation, health, meteorology and other departments to launch emergency rescue, land, sea and air search and rescue force from the army is also the first time full-speed rescue. On June 4, a Zhouqiao Brigade of the Guangzhou Military Region dispatched the third generation of heavy-duty Zhouqiao, which was produced by Chinese ships in an emergency, to the scene to carry out a rescue mission. After four hours of working in the rain, a 8.8-meter-wide, 200-meter-long, 60-ton-carrying heavy pontoon extends from the bank downstream of the shipwreck site to the river surface, erecting a 'water passage' to block the surface of the water with effective force and operational personnel.



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