Company Offers Love To Bolivian Children

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On 12 April, Bolivian Children's Day, the company's Fourth Project Department donated school supplies, including school bags and stationery, to 291 children in the Santa Lucia school playground, there was a local dance performance. The donation ceremony was attended by the Pando Department provincial government, local councillors, the Pando Department Highway Administration, the Project Management Company of the ministry, the District Governor of Beja Flo, and so on. Pando television reported on the donation. 

Speaking at the scene, the chief of the Beja Flo region pointed out that the construction of the road in response to emergencies will inevitably encounter some social problems, which may affect the lives of the residents around the road section. But it is precisely because we need roads, thirst for development, we have the opportunity to work together with China shipbuilding emergency, hope that local residents can understand and support. 



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