China Harzone Industry Rapidly Responded and Took Part in Emergency Rescue of the Flood Affected Areas in Qichun, Hubei Province

    On June 19, Qichun County, Hubei Province was hit by strong intense rains, which triggered geological disasters, floods, urban waterlogging resulting in traffic disruption, roadbed collapse, and bridges damaged in a number of villages and towns.

    In the early morning on June 20, Sales & Marketing Dept. of Harzone Industry received emergency calls from the Armed Traffic Police Command in urgent need of equipment as well as equipment operators for emergency rehabilitation of roads and bridges assigned to the disaster affected areas as soon as practical to provide assistance and support for the rehabilitation of traffic in affected areas. 

    Disaster is an order. Time is life. Harzone Industry responded swiftly and mobilized people and emergency rescue products to the affected areas for emergency relief under the direct command and coordination of the Company’s Leadership.

    Harzone Industry carrying its heavy modular mechanized bridges departed overnight and arrived at the areas. At 8:00 p.m. all personnel and equipment were ready to depart. At 2:00 a.m. on the 21st, 5 sets of equipment and 11 people arrived in the affected area in Zhangbang Town, Qichun County. The people and the equipment met the armed traffic police successfully and took part in the disaster relief team.

    On June 21, after a whole day of field inspection, construction, and preparations and by means of the Company’s modular mechanized bridges, a 45-meter-span modular bridge, which served as the only accessible path from the affected areas to the county, was successfully erected. It provided strong traffic support for local vehicles, disaster-affected people and logistics vehicles of the armed police. CCTV News Channel and local news stations reported rolling news about the rescue and emergency traffic rehabilitation.