Bolivian Legislative Council Members Inspected the Progress of Our Overseas Project

In the company of Maldonado, the Prosecutor of Cochabamba of the National Highway Bureau of Bolivia, six members of Bolivian Legislative Council inspected the construction of the two-way road at El Alto Valley on November 20th. Jonny, the Chief Engineer for the road introduced the general conditions, present progress and on-site construction of the project to the above members on behalf of the Project Department.


These legislators were satisfied with the current work of the Project Department, and they hoped that the Project Department would have better cooperation with Bolivian side to overcome all difficulties, accelerate the infrastructure construction of the Project Department and the construction progress for the road so as to guarantee the successful execution of the contract. In addition, the legislators expressed that they would spare no effort to coordinate relevant issues with local governments, help the Project Department to solve all difficulties and challenges in the construction so as to guarantee safe and successful construction for the project.