A Display of Achievements for Engineering Equipment “High Quality Projects” Campaign Held at China Harzone

A display of achievements for Engineering Equipment “High Quality Projects” Campaign sponsored by PLA GAD Engineering Corps Military Representative Bureau and assisted by China Harzone Industry Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Wuhan on Nov 14thand 15th. More than 100 participants from the PLA GAD Land Equipment S & T and Procurement Department, organs of military representative bureaus, military representative offices stationed at regions, manufacturers and supporting enterprises participated in the exhibition.


The major purpose of the exhibition was to exchange and display the achievements of engineering equipment produced since the “High Quality Projects” campaign carried out by the PLA GAD Land Equipment S & T and Procurement Department in June, 2014. The exhibition was designed to strengthen quality awareness, optimize technological processes and improve service quality. In the campaigns of “Lean Manufacturing” and “Lean Services”, all military representative offices revised their detailed rules and regulations for quality supervision and acceptance of equipment production processes, supervised relevant pilot enterprises to improve their programs so as to fully carry out the campaign of “High Quality Projects” by controlling process quality.


In the company ofYu Hao, the General Manager and President of China Harzone and Cai Xinxiang, the Secretary of Party Committee of China Harzone, the participants visited the panels of “High Quality Projects” Campaign produced by 18 pilot enterprises including China Harzone, XCMG Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. and various military representatives in the morning of November 14th. In addition, they watched the erection demonstration of 51m Mechanized Bridge which was a pilot equipment of China Harzone and visited the exhibition room and production workshop of China Harzone.