Six Products of China Harzone Participated in Emergency Rescue Drill of the Chinese Armed Police Traffic Force

The Meeting of Chinese Armed Police Traffic Force Emergency Construction Achievements and the Emergency Rescue Drill of the Chinese Armed Police Traffic Force were held at Yanqing County, Beijing on November 6th. This was the first large-scale emergency rescue drill since the Chinese Armed Police Traffic Force was incorporated into the national emergency rescue force system of China. The scale of the meeting was large and its scenes were quite amazing.


At 10:30 a.m., the drill officially started in heavy snow. The background for the drill was referring to a landslide caused by an earthquake for drilling subjects such as reporting conditions, emergency response, observation and judgment of disaster conditions, barrier clearance for explosion, treatment of landslide mass, tunnel collapse, opening up rescue channels and so on. Some dynamic demonstrations were performed with four products of China Harzone during the drill to rapidly pave a muddy road, rapidly erect a damaged bridge so as to provide effective guarantee for the successful passage of more than 20 vehicles for commanding, logistics, medical treatment and engineering rescue equipment. In order to deliver amazing demonstrations, nine bridge erectors dispatched by China Harzone spared no effort to practice as per the standards and requirements for soldiers within one month, which effectively guaranteed the success of the drill.


All expected objectives such as testing emergency response processes, improving decision-making and commanding system, exercising emergency rescue forces and enhancing emergency handling capability, etc. were achieved in the drill, and the drill was a complete success. Nearly one hundred participants fromall competent authorities such asthe Ministry of Transport, theChinese Armed Police Force Headquarters and Chinese Armed Police Traffic Equipment Department and some foreign military representatives watched the drill at the venue.