Experiences and Practices of China Harzone Highly Recognized in State Council Emergency Industry Development Symposium

The State Council Emergency Industry Development Symposium was held at Wuhan-based Hongshan Hotel on October 14th morning. Relevant leaders from the Emergency Management Office of the State Council, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Science and Technology participated in the symposium. The President and General Manager of China Harzone, Yu Hao attended the meeting as a specially invited enterprise representative.


Mr. Yu Hao introduced the basic information of China Harzone on the meeting. In addition, he also introduced the work that the company performed for implementing the Document No.63 of GBF in 2014,Opinions on Acceleration of Emergency Industry Development. Firstly, the company has greatly improved technical innovation; increased S & T input, seized advanced techniques and constantly launched latest products in the industry. Secondly, the company has constantly created users’ demands. It builds platforms integrating experience, interaction, exchange and participation for customers by participating in emergency rescue campaigns and emergency drills for guaranteeing smooth traffic. The demonstration effect of its equipment is highly praised by relevant governments and enterprises. Thirdly, the company devotes itself to the development of military and civilian integration. The company has cooperated with relevant government and organizations to develop the reserved functions for equipment and make great efforts to explore the development of emergency equipment. The equipment can be used for construction in time of peace, and it can be used for rescue and guarantee in case of any disaster so as to give full play to the efficiencies of emergency equipment. In addition, the company has constantly increased investment to promote its R & D and manufacturing capacity to make the planning, development and emergency guarantee capability of the enterprise enhance simultaneously. Fourthly, the company has propelled the brand strategy of the enterprise. It has carried out the core value “China Harzone, a pioneer in emergency industry” and boosted brand promotion in a systematic manner. Fifthly, it has enhanced the capital operation of the company. The company launched its campaign for going public in 2011. It has firmly spared no efforts to realize the objective since then so as to give full play to the effective impact of capital market on emergency industry.


As for the development of emergency industry, according to Mr. Yu Hao, it complies with the development in the new era, in particular under the economic situation in current new normal conditions: the traditional manufacturing industry in China has excess production capacity. Undoubtedly, accelerating the development of emergency industry will bring a positive driving effect on easing and digesting excess production capacity. In addition, Mr. Yu Hao also proposed three suggestions: firstly, increase the propagation and implementation of emergency ideas in the level of the whole country to cultivate and guide emergency consumption; secondly, strengthen the construction of laws and regulations and establish compulsory requirements on emergency measures for public facilities and infrastructure construction programs so as to cultivate the demands of emergency consumption. Thirdly, accelerate the establishment of an industry association, establish industrial standards and improve the access system so as to enhance traffic emergency efficiency and service levels.


The series of ideas and practices of China Harzone on emergency industry were highly praised and recognized by participating leaders. The investigation and survey organized by the Emergency Management Office of the State Council was intended to get a better understanding of current situations and collect advices and opinions and make guidance for enterprises, which played a positive role in driving the emergency industry of China to a higher level.