China Harzone Won the Bid of 85 Steel Bridges in Peru Again


At 4:00 p.m. local time on September 24th, the Owner of a modular steel bridge project announced the scores of evaluation of bids for three companies, China Harzone, a company from the USA and a company from France at the bidding site of the Ministry of Transportation of Peru. Finally, China Harzone ranked the first place with its perfect results.


This is not the first time for the company to win a project in Peru. As early as 2013, China Harzone had won the bid of 6,000t of modular steel bridges in the country. The successful implementation of the project won good reputation for China Harzone. The company received an invitation to bid for the 10,000t of modular steel bridges in Peru at the beginning of this year. The company made a systematic response rapidly to the project after receiving the bidding document. The Design Department made elaborate designs; the Material Supply Department mobilized all kinds of resources to be fully prepared for the bidding; the Business Department made production planning in advance. These early-stage preparations laid a good foundation for the company to win the bid.


The successful winning of the bid of the project of 85 modular steel bridges not only further consolidated the status of China Harzone in the market of emergency bridges in Peru, but also further developed new opportunities in South America market for the company.