HZGL48Emergency Girders for Railway Recovery


Product performance:

ZGL48Emergency Girders for Railway Recovery (64 girders) is a kind of emergency recovery equipment of fully-welded, pinned, single or double plate, open deck detachable steel truss girder applicable to standard gauge (1.505 m) and 1-meter gauge.It may be widely used as temporary access board, scaffold, puffin support or simple bridge girder erection machine and gantry crane machine, etc.It may also be used as permanent railway bridge if the components are galvanized within the span range of 16 to 48 meters.


Major parameters:

Design load:

Standard gauge: Dongfeng 4 standalone + uniform load 7tf / m;

1m gauge: Zhong-12 or Jiefang 61 standalone + uniform load 3.5 tf / m.

Applicable span:    16m~48m