Emergency Machinery of China Harzone for Rescue of Zhouqu Debris Flow


A large debris flow occurred in Zhouqu County, Gansu Province on August 7th, 2010. The two thirds of the county was drowned in water: more than 300 villages were buried and the traffic of many roads in surrounding areas was blocked. An additional debris flow was triggered by heavy rain in Zhouqu on the evening of the next day (August 11th), which completely interrupted the lifeline for rescue. On August 14th, after more than three hours of efforts made by military officers and soldiers from a certain department of Lanzhou Military Region, an emergency mechanized bridge produced by China Harzone was erected on Bailong River of Zhouqu County to make rescue equipment and personnel reach relevant sites, which greatly improved the rescue efficiency.


As a leading enterprise of emergency traffic engineering equipment in China, China Harzone was listed into the national procurement system for disaster relief and emergency. In addition, it is a qualified supplier of emergency equipment purchased by rescue organizations of the UN.