HZ5250ZKX Detachable Compartment Vehicle


Product performance:

HZ5250ZKX Detachable Compartment Vehicle is a containerized transport vehicle that integrates loading, unloading and transport. The vehicle body is equipped with pull-arm devices that may assemble and disassemble platform modules of varied functions such as container, garbage compression container, fire module, remote water supply pump unit, wrecker platform, aerial work platform, refrigerated container, tank container, and oil tank, etc. It is capable conducting lifting operation within a certain range. In addition, the vehicle is also capable of loading, unloading, and transporting standard military and civilian emergency flatbed pallets to complete the handling and transmit operations for storage and transport of weapons, ammunitions and logistic war preparedness materials.


Major parameters:

Max. handling weight of pull-arm

14,000 Kg on level hard ground

18,000Kg on soft ground or 500mm below ground;

Loading/unloading time


Lifting capacity