Steam Cushion Transport Ship



Product performance:

Steam Cushion Transport Ship is a kind of full-air-cushion transport ship integrating passenger transport, cargo transport and engineering construction which may be used to carry out rapid rescue and engineering operations in swamps, shallows, rivers, lakes and other places that are difficult for ordinary ships to access or reach. In addition to serving as a means of delivery for special occasions, it may also serve as the construction platform for tourism, well drilling, pile driving, and exploration.


Major parameters:


Land velocity: 5-20km / h

Calm water velocity: 12km/h as transport platform

50km / h below force 2wind

Anti-wave flow capacity     

Safe sailingunder force 5 wind and waves of 1m high

Safe operation in water depth of 6m and water velocity of 3m/s


Land barrier capacity



4-6 hours

Lifting capacity

Max. 4.5t with arm length of 8m in drain state

Cargo capacity


Passenger capacity