ZB200 Compact Panel Bridge


Product performances:

ZB200 Compact Panel Bridgeis a kind of steel through bridge with the main structure connected by single pins. It is used for fast erection of temporary bridges in defense traffic during wartime to guarantee heavy weaponry equipment and vehicles overcome obstacles such as rivers, bridge cutoffs, valleys in a rapid manner; it is also used for constructing a variety of assembled steel structure such as construction tower and resting support during peacetime in addition to the application of erecting temporary bridges for disaster relief and in national economic construction.


Major parameters:

Max. single span

60.96 m (200 ft); bridge length changes to the multiple of 3.048 meters

Design load

highway grade II, automobile-level 10, automobile-level 15, automobile-level 20, tracked load 50t,trailer-80

Panel dimension


Bridge deck

Steel deck

Carriageway width   

single-lane 3.15/4.2m, double-lane 7.35m


External sidewalk