CB100 Compact Panel Bridge


Product performance:

CB100 Compact Panel Bridgeis also known as Beiley Bridge which can be used as a temporary or semi-permanent bridge. It is widely used in various fields, owing to the modular design, its components are light and exchangeable, reusable, simple in structure, rapid to erect and easy for transport.


Major parameters:

Max. single span

60.96m(200ft),bridge length changes to the multiple of 3.048 meters

Design load

Automobile-level 10, automobile-level 15, automobile-level 20, tracked load 50t, trailer-80, HS-15, HS-20, HS-25

Panel dimension


Carriageway width   

single-lane 3.15 m/4.2m , double lane 7.35m

Bridge deck

Steel deck


External sidewalk